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Affiliate Program Strategy

You need a plan in order to reach your goals. If you don’t have one now or the current plan isn’t working we can help you build it! We will perform a market survey, competitor analysis and make recommendations based on experience. We can help you establish a marketing plan, commission levels, software platforms and management practices.

Program Management

There is nothing worse than creating excitement and interest in your affiliate program only to have it poorly managed and yielding poor results. Often times affiliate managers have the best intentions but just can’t ‘flip the switch’ to turn registrations into performers. The team at Empire Marketing can work with your team to install programs and procedures that turn your database into quality partners (and sources of great traffic). It’s all about the plan, strategy and the execution!

Super Affiliate Recruiting

If there is any service we can offer you that is exclusive to us it’s this – bringing in real super affiliates who can dramatically change the bottom line. As you look at your competitors no questions you’ll see their brand in places that you’d like to be present. There’s no ‘quick fix’ to building your program’s appeal and reach. Experience, trust and relationship marketing take time to build with affiliates. Empire Marketing can effectively save you years of that time and money overnight.

Management Software and Reporting

Working with a proprietary backend that just isn’t getting the job done? Working with a reporting suite that charges you ridiculous rates and under performs? We have helped numerous companies choose the right affiliate software for their programs. In our evaluation we take an unbiased look at needs and costs and make a recommendation on software. Unlike others, the work doesn’t stop there for us. We can help you convert and brand your new (or existing) platform for success.

Safe, clean and easy to understand reporting is our aim. We want your affiliates comfortable and equipped to sell your brand without any obstacles.

Contact us for a free analysis and proposal. Empire Marketing isn’t like other consulting services offered; we work closely with your team members to achieve your goals!

"Without first being affiliates, and earning a living through performance marketing, it's impossible to build, manage and run a successful affiliate program."

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